Friday, September 07, 2012

First Day Of Senior Kindergarten

Oh Wow that summer just flew by & I can hardly believe it is back to school time already! My little boy started senior kindergarten this year and loves it! It helps that all of the kindergarten classes are JK/SK split and the students are expected to have the same kindergarten teacher as the year before. Such a bonus! especially because he loves his teacher & the group of SK kids are fantastic. 

The last couple of weeks of summer vacation was spent shopping for some new clothes, shoes & backpack. Owen's one request was a pair of light up shoes & the challenge of finding him some in his size was brutal! Luckily, we found him a pair he liked at a shoe warehouse - he chose some star wars light up shoes for his outdoors & he chose a pair of running shoes that had green lantern on them for indoor. I bought him a few cute fall clothes but the weather has been too warm to wear them yet.

The first day of school poured rain & I wasn't able to get very great photos :(  I was worried that Owen would be nervous of the thunderstorm coming, but he seemed to manage alright with it at school. It was a quick drop off because of the rain & I wasn't prepared for my little guy to go off so easily - but it was great to see how excited he was to see his classmates & teachers.

First day photo with his teachers. Owen was thrilled to be the 'leader' for the day & his teacher told me that she chose him because he's her go to guy to get the job done right lol. I guess with so many new JK's there isn't time to worry about teaching someone how to be the leader lol. The leader apparently gets to line up first, lead the prayers, sit in the rocking chair during story time etc. 

Since the first day back to school I've been amazed by how much confidence Owen has this year. He enjoyed school last year, but this year seems to be so outgoing with the kids & speaking more about what his friends are doing etc. It also seems like there is a group of the SK boys that are playing & eating lunch together etc. This morning on the walk to school he told me he didn't see any of his friends in the yard yet & hoped they'd get there soon :)

Growing up before my eyes! 

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Catherine said...

What an adorable, dependable little fella you have there! Growing up every day!