Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mid Autumn Moon Festival

We were invited to the Island to celebrate the mid autumn moon festival with a group of fellow adoptive parents & friends. What fun we had! the weather was great, food fantastic & it is always so wonderful to see our group of kiddies enjoying time together :) Half of the group adopted prior to the adoption shutdown so their children are almost teenagers. I like getting a glimpse into what life may be like for us in the future! the other half of the group adopted around the same time as we did, so our kids are all fairly close in age.

The kids were excited to take the ferry across to the Island, it was our first time on the island. Of course the kids noticed the amusement park first thing so I know another trip will likely be made next summer.
first time o the ferry. the kids loved watching the other boats go by.

when we first arrived the kids had a parade with the music makers. hey- if it makes noise my guys love it!

Grayson with mommy. 

plenty of open space to run around. I think Grayson became much faster after this weekend.

the kids found the church bell and would ring it over and over again.  probably some of the most fun of the evening :)

some fun with the parachute

lantern decorating

lantern fishing? notice the boys came up with this game.

one of many group photos taken on this beautiful old tree.

Noah with his lantern

the evening ended with a lantern parade.

With a ferry to catch our evening came all too quickly to an end. We weren't quite finished celebrating so we planned a second mid-autumn moon festival with friends that live close by :)
more lantern decorating, even grayson made a lantern :)

we took a similar photo last year, just look at how much these babies have grown!

group photo

at this point everyone was overtired and ready to end the night lol 

some parading down the street

Thanks for celebrating with us friends! we look forward to many holiday celebrations in the future.

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Catherine said...

The party on the island looks like so much fun! What a great place to have a celebration!

Thanks so much for hosting our celebration this week! We had a great time with you as we always do and it was neat to see how much the kids had grown and could do this year. *sigh* they're growing up far too quickly!