Thursday, September 13, 2012

Noah's First Day of Preschool

During the summer Noah enjoyed a week long day camp with his brother. It was the first time he had to do something without me there & it was a nice transition because he still had his big brother around to help him out. Being the middle child I find that not only does he get a ton of hand me downs, he also doesn't get to experience as many things on his own. 

We found a preschool program that is offered once a week and runs for the school year, we thought it was a great opportunity for Noah to try something on his own without mommy around :) Here is my sweetie on his first day! Backpack is compliments of Grandma & he loves it, he even asks to carry his backpack when we walk Owen to school!

LOVE this picture of Noah :) soooo cute & innocent.

my two boys ready for school

he's looking a little nervous, but this is a usual Noah 'look'
I wasn't sure if Noah really understood that Mommy wouldn't be staying with him at preschool because he didn't express anything in the days ahead. I made sure to tell him that he'd meet some new friends and the teachers would help him with anything he needed & that Mommy would pick him up at lunch time, he didn't seem to care about it either way lol. When I dropped him off there were no tears and after a quick kiss he went off to play. When I picked him up I could see him looking for me from circle time and he came running to give me a hug & kiss when they dismissed him! so cute!

Way to go Noah! We're so proud of you :)

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Catherine said...

Way to go Noah! What a big boy you are! So glad your first day at preschool went so well!