Monday, January 14, 2013

17 Months Old

 Is it just me, or does Grayson look so much older this month? maybe it's his new teeth & longer hair :)

I seriously love this age so much, Grayson is learning so quickly & almost every day I see little changes in him. He's been in a hugging phase which is much better than his hitting phase, but I wish I could say the hitting has stopped. Now he just hugs after he hits & that seems to be his way of saying 'sorry' but I'm not convinced he's going to outgrow the hitting any time soon.

One fun thing he's been doing is pointing out the objects in picture books that he knows. He can now say 'baby' and in one of the picture books we have there is a baby crying, he tries to kiss the  baby when he sees that picture, it's so sweet.

He's gotten his two top front teeth and a bottom molar is poking through. I still find it strange that his molars have been the first teeth to come on both the top & bottom, but at least he's getting teeth now. Hopefully the molars are the worst of them, they are coming in fast now & I just don't want him to be in such pain :( He's been so clingy this past while & much crankier as well. It's made for some very tiring days when he just wants to be carried and held all day.

Grayson now wears 18 month clothes and he must have had a growth spurt because some pants that were far too long about a month ago, now fit perfectly. He's still in size 4 diapers and size 5 shoes.

Happy 17 Months Baby!


Catherine said...

You're right! The pictures where you can see his sweet little teeth make him look older but when I see the one of him napping on Daddy he still looks like more of a little baby.

Love your smiling, sweet, energetic fun little boy!

B said...

Happy 17 months sweet boy! Love your new front teeth!