Friday, January 18, 2013

5th Forever Family Day

It's been 5 years since we adopted Owen and officially became a family. Such an exciting time it was but also so incredibly stressful. The fear of "what if this doesn't happen" was too much to admit, but it felt so very real. Owen was meant to be ours from the moment we decided to adopt from Vietnam & life has never been better from the moment we made that decision. I seriously can not imagine my life without him in it.

On the anniversary of our forever family day, I am always reminded of those difficult early days. A sick (ear infection, bronchitis, teething) baby and grieving little baby. Maybe not so little - hardly any of his clothes fit. The crying would it ever stop? would he ever fall asleep? would I ever stop feeling this pain for him? Thank goodness he did fall asleep & after a few hours woke with a smile, drank a bottle & gave us a bit of hope that yes, life would be good for all of us :) Such a brave boy he is, continuing to have faith and open his heart to us, accepting and giving more love than we ever thought possible.

5 years ago in our hotel room in Hanoi.

We had been working on Owen's life book for months, and we finally finished it a couple of weeks ago. We received it in the mail on monday and gave it to Owen tonight. We're going to spend some time cuddling, talking and hugging with plans for a fun family get away on the weekend! We can't wait & we love you so much Owen!

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Catherine said...

What a beautiful baby then and what a sweet little boy now! Owen is such an amazing little guy and our lives are blessed to have him as a friend!

Congratulations on 5 wonderful years together! Hope your celebration together was a blast!