Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

We sort of invited ourselves for a 'family style' New Years party at our brother & sister -in-laws house. They were great hosts and found enough space for us all to stay over night :) the kids were sooo excited to attend their first ever sleep over & couldn't wait for the party to start!

 Great food, Great drinks & great family :) the kids had a blast & were so well behaved. They had their New Years countdown at 9pm and were in bed close to 9:30. My two boys had a bit of trouble getting to sleep but finally drifted off some time after 11pm. Everyone slept great and were in (mostly) good spirits in the morning. Noah started getting whiny just as we were leaving this morning & we made sure to leave before wearing out our welcome, especially with a whining 3 year old.

The boys dancing :)

Make your own ice cream sundaes

noise makers - what kids doesn't love those?

glow stick dance party

Kids sleeping arrangement - it worked out well and everyone slept in the same room all night - success!

pancake breakfast!

Thanks Theresa and Jeff for hosting the party we had a great time!
Happy New Year!

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