Monday, January 28, 2013

First Time Skating

This past week we've been experiencing a severe cold spell. The one good thing about the cold weather is that the neighborhood pond is frozen and finally the kids could try ice skating! we bought Owen some skates last year, but never got around to using them and the weather never really got cold enough to freeze the pond. Unfortunately, his skates are a bit too snug this year & we'll have to buy him another pair for the next time we try skating. He persevered the too tight skates and tried anyways, but we could tell he wasn't very comfortable. The pond was completely smooth, someone had already shoveled it off & it was perfect because no one else was there! We're lucky that really only anyone in the neighborhood would know it was there, it's off a dead end street & hidden from the street as well.

I think Owen found it more difficult than he was expecting it to be :) but he's eager to master the skill and get back out on the ice. Unfortunately, the weather is expected to get much warmer this week - spring like! while I sure prefer the warmer weather, it doesn't help the kids learn to ice skate very much. Oh well, hopefully they'll get another chance to try soon :)


B said...

What size are his skates? maybe we could borrow them and give it a try until they fit Noah? Ben would need an 11 (he's a 10 and you need to go up a size apparently). If Ben knows Owen is trying he might try!

Ange said...

Sorry bev they actually fit Noah! (size 10) owen seriously worked to get his feet into them!