Tuesday, June 07, 2011


We signed Owen up for soccer the minute the summer registration was open - we knew the field near our house always gets filled up first with enrollments and we wanted to make sure we could play close to home. Owen was excited to play his first game of soccer last week, but unfortunately the city closed the fields due to the rainy weather we had the week before. We were able to pick up Owen's uniform and then played at the park for a bit before heading home with a disappointed little boy.

The evening is split up into several soccer drills and a mini soccer game, similar to last years program only parents remain on the sidelines this time. I must admit it was nice to be able to sit and watch him play instead of having to run around, I'm really enjoying having a big kid now and watching him do things on his own.

Totally worth the money - the soccer uniforms on the little kids just make me so happy :) I just love how the uniform is still too big.

Owen stands like this all the time - I've noticed Noah standing with his hands behind his back now.

Every time Owen would get a goal I'd hear him say " I did it!" he's always looking for approval - he wanted to make sure his coach noticed he scored!

Noah would cheer Owen on saying "YAY Owen! kick the ball!"

It was fun to watch the kids play soccer - you could tell that they are so used to being told to wait their turn, share etc. as everyone was waiting for their turn with the ball instead of trying to get it away from the other players. So cute! there was only one incident when Owen tripped and fell and someone accidently stepped on his hand with cleats. He cried a bit and Gavin had to go out on the field to console him, but he was back in the game quickly. Gavin tried to explain that sometimes people get hurt playing sports and it's not intentional but I think Owen will be staying clear of that little boy for a while :)

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Anonymous said...

Drew and Ella are playing soccer this year as well. Drew is right in there...Ella is busy socializing. When you ask her why she doesn't go for the ball, she replies,"I can't touch it with my hands. I will need to practice using my feet." They are too funny:)
Enjoy Owen!