Saturday, June 25, 2011

Think They Like Disney Much?

Here is a short video of how my kids react while watching our disney vacation video :) you can see that sweet Hannah has watched the video before and shares the same love of Disney. It makes me laugh how Noah starts talking in a high pitched squeal that I'm sure only I can understand. Obviously they love the stunt car show, plus the part when he and Hannah start slow dancing like Beauty and the Beast cracks me up. Hannah and Noah can act like an old married couple bickering one minute and dancing together the next. Oh and please ignore the part that he picks his nose :) apparently when you are two you don't care what is captured on video.

They still talk about their Disney vacation every day and I must admit that even though I wasn't a big Disney fan prior to our trip, I've gotten caught up in the Disney excitement myself. I find myself searching for the latest Disney vacation package deals even though I know we won't be able to go until the baby is a little older. Having kids sure does change you in many ways!


Catherine said...

This video made me cry!!! So fun, exciting and oh so sweet! Watching Noah and Hannah dance melted me!!!

I wasn't sure if we'd be going to the stunt show this trip *gasp!* but by the looks of things she would like it!

Thank you Ange! What a wonderful treat it is to capture a moment of her day when she is in your loving home!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute video! I can't believe that they still get soooo excited watching the video even after ALL of the times that they have watched it lol! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, and to believe you have a 3rd boy on your way, wow, hats off to you. I am tired just watching the video.LOL