Monday, June 13, 2011

Ultrasound #3

My O.B wanted me to come in for an ultrasound this morning to check the position of the placenta and to see what may be causing the cramps. Gavin and I took Owen with us so that he could see the baby, and I think he enjoyed being able to see his baby brother kicking and squirming on screen. No pictures from today :( but we were able to confirm that it is a boy and he moves a crazy amount! he was constantly kicking, stretching, moving his head around, opening his mouth and blinking. He looked much more like a baby and is quite a bit bigger now. It was also confirmed today that he is head down - he still may move in and out of position but at least he's there for now! that has me feeling positive that the placenta has moved - I'm guessing it would be hard for a baby to be head down with the placenta in the way?

The O.B will have the results in a few days and I imagine if there is a problem I will hear about it soon, otherwise I I have another bi-weekly appointment next week and will learn the results of the ultrasound then. My O.B was concerned that the placenta may still be low and that could be causing the cramps. I'm still praying the placenta is out of the way and that I won't be needing a C-section but I will know more soon!

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