Thursday, February 28, 2013

Class Volunteer

Finally! I was able to help volunteer with Owen's class on a recent school outing. He was excited to have mommy finally join his class, as according to him "all of the other mommies can". Talk about making this  mommy feel bad! Last year, there was just no way I could help out and volunteer, Grayson just wouldn't take a bottle and being away from him for any length of time wasn't an option. 

His class trip was to a nearby bowling place and my duty was to help out my little group of five students. I'm not sure how the teachers manage every day, but man it was difficult. When I was first assigned my group we took off in search for shoes! I knew that with 100+ kindergarten kids and everyone wearing close to the same size, finding enough shoes to fit wouldn't be easy. I grabbed all the size 12's I could find and a pair of 11's for a smaller little girl and we were off! 

I had a great time watching my boy play with his friends and interact with his teachers and classmates. It was fun to see him with the people he spends all day with. Plus, it was nice to talk with his teachers and get to know them a bit better. Hopefully next year I'll be able to go on more class outings and volunteer in the class more. I may need to take a few more vacation days during the year, but I think it's important to have that time with my kids. 

Thanks Owen for letting Mommy spend the morning bowling with you and your friends!

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