Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tet Party #2

We just can't get enough of the Lunar New year and celebrated with some fellow adoptive families in our area. This party is similar but very low key & we always order in from our favourite local asian food restaurant. Originally, the party was planned for a friday evening but a massive snow fall changed that plan quickly. Unfortunately, it meant that one of the families couldn't make the party on the Sunday evening, but we hope to meet up with them soon :) 

Lion parade! around and around and around. I think all of the kids had to have their turn at being the head of the lion and the tail :)

lion puppets! 

Even Grayson loved the parade. The lantern kept falling off the stick and he'd bring it over to be fixed "broke" he'd tell me and wait patiently until I put it back on :) He looks so much older in this photo!

Thanks Julia for organizing the snake crafts! 

Dragon game - It was similar to hungry hippos, only you had to flip the rings onto the dragons back.

Grayson preferred to paint his highchair

Our attempt at a group photo - not too bad I'd say

Yummy food!

Thanks for bringing the cake Liz! It was beautiful & delicious too!

Another cute group photo!

Happy Lunar New Year!

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