Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snow Day!

We were hit by a massive snow storm last thursday evening & all day friday. It's hard to believe by the photos, but we had NO snow before this, just some brown grass :) The street was impassable and wasn't plowed until just before noon on Saturday. We had a TET party planned with some friends but obviously had to post pone the party until people could drive & park on our street. I even had to carry one of the daycare kids down to the end of the street to meet her mom! I'm so thankful that Gavin decided to work from home on friday - there was just too much snow to keep up with. Because our driveway is right beside our neighbours driveway we have to pile the snow on one side only! makes for some crazy snow banks, but the kid loved it! 

This photo was friday evening - shoveling round # 4

Saturday -finally the plow came by! see the snow is actually up to the tree branches.

It was beautiful outside and Saturday was so sunny. It was so nice to see neighbours helping each other out too! While the snow was pretty, and the most snow we've seen in the past five years - I sure am looking forward to spring like weather!

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